Complementary therapies applied at the Clinic:

  1. Chelation therapy – a treatment method eliminating the excess of free radicals in the system and atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels. It involves body detoxification by removing heavy metals with the use of individually selected intravenous infusions.
  2. De-acidification of the system – in each chronic disease, one deals with acidification of the extra-cellular matrix, which is why de-acidification is the basis and the starting point in each treatment. This method includes the introduction of de-acidification substance, which neutralises acidification of the body.
  3. Colon hydrotherapy – therapeutic method of cleansing the intestinal tract by removing deposits and toxins, as a result of which together with selected probiotics, the physiological bacterial flora is restored.
  4. Ozone therapy – the method is based on the introduction of ozone to the blood stream, as a result of which active oxygen atoms are released; it has a bactericidal, antiviral and fungicidal effect. Ozone therapy oxygenates tissues, accelerates wound healing and cellular regeneration, detoxifies liver and kidneys and is analgesic. It may be also applied in cancer treatment
  5. Modulation and stimulation of immunological system – it is based on individual selection of extracts (for example, from the thymus tissue) after a prior analysis of the patient’s immunology status.
  6. Local hyperthermia – it is a dynamically developing method of complementary treatment, including cancer treatment. A specific area of the body is treated with heat generated with electromagnetic waves. Hyperthermia treatments are safe and well tolerated by patients.
  7. Whole-body hyperthermia (WBH) – together with oxygen inhalation (Oxythermia), it not only supports and facilitated standard cancer treatment, but it is also successfully applied in the treatment of Lyme borelliosis, atopic dermatitis, as well as in rheumatism, bronchial asthma, in pain syndromes, as well as chronic inflammatory conditions.
  8. Classical homeopathy – a treatment method with a holistic approach to each individual. It considers afflictions and symptoms according to the principle that “like cures like”. Homeopathy initiates the natural healing powers of the body.
  9. Intravenous infusions (IV) – the therapy strengthens and revitalises the body by using individually selected mixtures of vitamins, microelements and amino acids, after a prior analysis of deficiencies of these substances in the system.
  10. Bioresonance therapy – this diagnostic and therapeutic method is based on the regulation of the body by profound penetration of specific frequencies of electromagnetic waves, which have an impact on the correct functioning of the biological and regulatory system of the body. Its efficiency has been verified in numerous scientific researches in Western Europe and USA.
  11. Geopathic stress and electrosmog – the impact of various types of radiation, which are harmful to people, is often the cause of functional and metabolic disorders; they disturb body regulation functions and its immunology system. Geopathic stress includes natural earth rays caused by underground streams, geological faults or other phenomena. The sources of electromagnetic radiation are mainly mobile telephony transmitters, HV pylons, electrical appliances (mobile phones, TV sets, radios, computer screens, etc.). At the Clinic, we conduct tests to diagnose geopathic stress and electrosmog impact, as well as we provide therapies to neutralise such stresses.
  12. Autohaemotherapy – it is a treatment of a patient with his own blood. A small amount of freshly drawn venous blood is injected intramuscularly. This is a way to provoke the innate immune system. The method may be strengthened with ozone and homeopathic drugs. For example, this method is effective in the treatment of allergies.
  13. Dental check-up – checking for inflammations, fillings with amalgam or other toxic substances, and assessment of teeth after root canal therapy. Teeth condition is checked with regard to current patient’s disorders. Additionally, electric potential and galvanic currents are checked in the mouth cavity (Mundbatterie).
  14. Acupuncture (from Latin ‘acus‘ – needle, ‘punctura‘ – puncture) – one of the oldest treatment methods, known worldwide, acknowledged in many countries as a complementary method for conventional medicine, but also as an independent therapeutic method.
  15. Acupressure – it is also a traditional treatment method, which originated from China. It includes touching and pressing specific points on the human body. It serves mostly to alleviate pain.
  16. Reflexology – pressing specific points called reflexes, which are located on feet, hands, ears and face. Each point corresponds to a specific organ or a body part. Due to the local pressure, blood circulation improves, as well as nervous system and internal organs get better.
  17. Chirotherapy – it is a manual therapy, which treats functional disorders of the locomotor system by manipulation and mobilisation of blocked spinal joints, as well as large joints of the limbs. It reduces pain, unblocks distorted functions and improves mobility.
  18. Therapeutic massages – are addressed to people with problems of the musculoskeletal system. They relax muscular tension, stimulate blood circulation, improve internal organs’ functions and, last but not least, they bring the sense of comfort and relaxation.
  19. Sports medicine – it is a field of medicine providing comprehensive care to people who practice sport regularly or for competition. It systematically monitors all processes in their bodies.
  20. Neural therapy – it is a way to influence the autonomous nervous system and pain sensation. Anaesthetic injections may quickly alleviate various pains if they are injected in the right places. Neural therapy removes pain of eyes, as well as eye-sight problems; it treats severe and chronic pains, mainly migraine and neuralgia, also problems of the respiratory system such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies, and others.
  21. Orthomolecular therapy – it focuses on prophylaxis by supplementing deficits of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc.
  22. Individual diet selection – on the basis of specialised food tests, it has a positive impact on health and improves its quality
  23. Bach Flower Remedies – they are 38 selected flowers of wild plants, which have a positive impact and alleviate stress, anxieties, nervous weakness, and other emotional problems.
  24. Therapy with Dr Schüßler’s salts – they include 12 non-organic mineral salts in the form of homeopathic triturates, which are administered orally according to the treatment principles elaborated by Dr Wilhelm Schüßler. They are naturally always present in body cells and tissues. During the therapy, they boost and regulate specific physiological functions, strengthen body immunological functions and support it in self-healing.
  25. Psychological therapy – it is addressed to those, who face emotional difficulties as well as anxiety-related problems. By discovering the mechanisms, which are the reason of emotional instability of patients, some actions are advised that would efficiently improve their mental condition.
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