Integrative Cancer Therapy

``Victory starts with the first step.
If you believe in victory, then victory will believe in you..``

The strategy of the World Health Organisation for 2014-2023 focuses on integration of classical medicine with natural medicine, which means complementary understanding of treatment, as well as an individualised approach to each patient.
At my Clinic, after a patient has been diagnosed and with his or her consent, an individual treatment plan and a therapy strategy are agreed. If necessary, we arrange consultations for our patients at Specialised Therapeutic and Diagnostic Centres in Germany or elsewhere

The first stage – Diagnostics:

  1. laboratory diagnostics, e.g. TKTL1, Apo 10, level of tumour markers, etc.
  2. imaging techniques – to show cancer lesions in the body (CT, PET-CT, MRT, Sonography)
  3. focal diagnostics – diagnosing chronic local inflammations and disturbed energy flow in the body, most frequently located in teeth, paranasal sinuses, tonsils, and in the area of jaws and also in scars.
  4. diagnostics of the immunological status
  5. diagnostics of the body acidification level and heavy metals contamination
  6. diagnostics of regulatory disturbances of the body with Bioresonance and Decoder Dermography
  7. diagnostics of electrosmog and geopathic stress
  8. molecular diagnostics defining sensitivity to chemotherapy and/or other drugs
  9. kinesiology

Second stage – Treatment::

  1. Intravenous infusions for body de-acidification and detoxification
  2. Intestine track cleansing (colon hydrotherapy)
  3. Stimulation and regulation of the immunology system:
    1. tissue extracts, e.g. of adrenals, thymus, spleen and liver as well as other substances administered parenterally (e.g. Immunomax)
    2. selection of homeopathic remedies to activate the defence mechanisms of the body, and to stop the routes of signal transfer by cancerous genes
    3. autohaemotherapy – treatment with patient’s own blood
    4. acupuncture
    5. controlled administration of mistletoe extracts (e.g. Iscador, Helixor)
    6. whole-body hyperthermia by increasing body temperature to activate immunology mediators
    7. ozone therapy
  4. Infusion therapies:
    1. vitamin C (of high concentrations above 25 g)
    2. amygdalin
    3. artemisinin
    4. curcumin
    5. quercetin
    6. taurolidine
    7. DMSO
    8. DCA
    9. germanium
    10. mistletoe extract
  5. Local and whole-body hyperthermia
  6. Hormonal and biological therapy (monoclonal antibody)
  7. Oncolytic virus therapy (e.g. Newcastle Disease Virus)
  8. Dendtritic cells vaccines
  9. Gc-MAF intravenous injections
  10. Low-dose insulin potentiation therapy (IPT)
  11. Bioresonance
  12. Intravenous infusions on the basis of various sets of substances strengthening and regulating body metabolism
  13. Microinvasive surgery
  14. Orthomolecular therapy
  15. Diets in cancer diseases:
    1. Dr Johanna Budwig oil-protein diet
    2. modified Dr Gerson’s diet with coffee enemas
    3. Dr Johannes Coy’s diet
  16. Psycho-oncology – physical and mental activation of the system
  17. Therapeutic massages
  18. Phytotherapy
  19. Mitochondrial medicine
  20. Constitutional medicine
  21. Neural therapy
  22. Pain management