Academic conference on World Cancer Day – Katowice 2016

On the 4th February 2016, in Katowice, as part of the World Cancer Day, there was ascientific conference on the application of hyperthermia in the integrated cancer treatment,which was organised by Bogdan Michalski, MD PhD, the President of the Polish Society ofHyperthermia in Oncology. The event was attended by physicians and medical doctors fromPoland and Germany.
Presentations during the conference discussed the principles ofhyperthermia and its impact on the patient's system, and also practical indications to combineheat therapy with conventional cancer treatment methods such as radiation and chemotherapy.


Four lectures were presented:
„Principles of Hyperthermia” – dr Janus Vorreiter
„Technique and some Indications of Whole-Body Hyperthermia” – dr Alexander von Ardenne
„Technology of Fever” – Dariusz Droś
„Hyperthermia in Oncology” – Dariusz Droś

At the end, a discussion was held on the possibilities of applying hyperthermia in combinedmodality cancer treatment in Poland, as well as the future directions of development in thistreatment approach.
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